"Hello, my name is Carl Christianson and I am an Enhanced Tech for Norvado. I want to express how much of a pleasure it was to work with your employee, Wayne. I was able to work with him on the Hayward Community Schools project. It had four different school locations with a total of 61,517ft of Cat 6, and over 700 jacks for their new Wi-Fi solution. Wayne and I pulled 10 hour days, and with the help with one other tech, were able to finish the job 6 days ahead of schedule. I wouldn’t have been able to get this done without his help and hard work. You have yourself an excellent employee. I hope in the future that I will be able to work with him again."

Thanks, Carl Christianson


"We hired Wirecom to help us with FTTH conversions. They have since done hundreds of them for us! We have been extremely happy with their work. The crew is very professional and efficient. We have received compliments from customers about their friendliness, willingness to accommodate and help customers and how well they clean up their work."

"Overall we believe Wirecom has been a great asset to our team and would recommend them to anyone!"

Jason – Union Telephone Company


"We've used Wirecom Solutions for several projects over the last few years and they have always been professional and flexible to work with.  The quality of their work speaks for itself and I would recommend them to anyone.  Wirecom continues to do excellent work for us and we look forward to a long partnership."

Jesse Upp – Network Engineer

Northern Telephone and Data


"We recently had Tom Reichert from Wirecom Solutions install a multi camera security system to our facility in Medford Wisconsin."


"While the system we requested involved some technology that Tom had not worked with before, he did a wonderful job working through the issues related to the new technology. We are very satisfied with the system and the efforts of Tom to get it working to our satisfaction."

John T. Marshall – Controller

James Peterson Sons, Inc.


"At 5NINES, we trust Wirecom with our complex cabling needs because they always do a perfect job with their cable management. We never have to worry about network failure due to a bad wiring installation. Network availability is crucial for our business and our clients, which is why we only work with the best! We're confident Wirecom will always do the job right, on time, and within budget. We were initially referred to them by our fiber optic vendor and we've been going to them ever since."

Marcus Cota – Technical Support Specialist